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Alcohol Safety Resources

ServSafe Alcohol has a catalog of resources designed to help you practice responsible alcohol service.

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Introducing ServItUp 2022

With ServItUp, your team can let the good times roll while practicing responsible alcohol service.


Understanding How Alcohol Affects the Body

Drinking frequency has increased overall in the U.S. While this means you might have more patrons drinking at your establishment, remember to keep an eye out for signs of a higher BAC.


BAC: To lower or not lower the alcohol limit

Understand lowering BAC to .05% will impact hospitality operators.


Promote Responsibility this Holiday Season

Here are a few tips that may protect both your patrons and establishment this Holiday season


Make Responsible Alcohol Service a Resolution in 2023

What can you do to protect your license and ensure the safety and well-being of your customers in 2023?  Here are a few resolutions you may want to make:

Issue detection and prevention


Monitoring and Preventing Alcohol-Related Incidents in Restaurants

Detecting Issues and Preventing Alcohol-Related Incidents in Restaurants


The Risks of Serving Alcohol: Detecting Risky Situations and How to Handle Them

For businesses that serve alcohol, detecting risky situations is critical. In this blog, we discuss how to identify minors, what to look for in intoxicated guests, and tips for handling risky situations.

Protecting your license by knowing the laws


Protecting Your Customers and Your Liquor License: The Alcohol Service Laws Your Restaurant Needs to Know

The best way for your restaurant to protect its liquor license is to ensure that both management and staff have a clear understanding of the alcohol laws in your state and local jurisdiction.


Regional Alcohol Regulations: A Legal Patchwork

As a restaurant or bar owner, knowing your region’s specific alcohol regulations is a must.


Smart Alcohol Service Techniques

As an alcohol server, it is your responsibility to prevent guests from becoming intoxicated. However, it isn’t always as easy as it sounds.


Holding a Liquor License is the Key to Most Restaurants' Success, How Can You Create a Safe Experience?

Practicing responsible alcohol service is something everyone in the industry can benefit from. Protecting your business from alcohol-related liability, training staff on best practices can save a life.