Serving You Free Alcohol Safety Tips

Serving Alcohol Comes with Both Risks and Rewards

Serving alcohol can be highly profitable for restaurants—but irresponsible drinking behaviors can put your patrons, and your business, at risk.

To help with this, ServSafe has created ServItUp, your one-stop responsible alcohol service resource center.

Free Resources

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Gauging Intoxication Levels

Learn how to assess a guest's level of intoxication to prevent over-serving alcohol.

ID Checking Process

Know when and how to check a guest's ID, and what to do if you come across a fake or altered ID.

Measuring Drinks

Find out how to measure a standard drink and what alcohol proof and ABV mean.

Dealing with difficult situations and more

Guides for handling intoxicated guests, dealing with potentially violent situations, what to do if you suspect illegal activities and more.

Featured Content

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Understanding How Alcohol Affects the Body

BAC: To lower or not lower the alcohol limit

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